Unpacking Theory Into Action

If employees aren't performing a task, it is usually due to a breakdown in one of three core reasons. This seminar teaches what the core principles are and how to remedy the situation. 

Theory X Managers vs. Theory Y Leaders

Are you a Theory X manager? Or a Theory Y Leader? There is a tremendous impact on the bottom line of not only profits but also morale. This training gives key indicators and tools to make the change to Theory Y Leadership.

Increasing Resilient Workers

Statistics are mind-numbing on the amount of workers who experience burn-out. Rather than suffer, engage this training to understand how prevent employee burnout.

The Nying Je Protocol

Surprising but key studies are now showing the impact of compassion-building exercises in the workplace. This workshop gives you specific techniques that enervate the workplace, thereby increasing employee support.

Profit Leaks

What factors can cause your business to hemorrhage profits? The answer might surprise you in its potency and its research. This workshop provides insight into real change that can be made in the workplace. 

Customize Your Own!

What area troubles you the most regarding your team or organization? Which concerns need addressing quickly? Contact us and we can devise a training that is customized specifically for areas most needing assistance.

School Visits

The Power of You!

If youth can't find their personal power, they often drift into more troubled paths. This presentation is a hands-on, dynamic moment in the life of each youth. Cindy Sue Bezas, M.S., highlights 7 core elements for growing up as a leader in today's world. 

Ages Kindergarten -12th grade

The Hero Powerpack

Bullying is on the rise. This fast paced presentation introduces the research-based Hero PowerPack activities to build awareness of the power of kindness to change an entire school. 

Ages Kindergarten - 12th grade

30 Days to Done

Kids are capable of great things. And their creativity is next to none! This presentation builds on Cindy Sue Bezas's experience in the publishing world. Select either (a) My Life Story -  30 Days to Done or (b) The Novel - 30 Days to Done presentation. It's a delight to watch the high impact on the lives of the students who never thought they could write.

Ages 6th - 12th grade


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Select your desired keynote address from one of the topics above, or contact us to design your targeted topic.


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